Hair Care

They say our hair reflects how we take care of ourselves. Some tips and related ideas regarding hair care and others.

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The How-To's of Hairbrush Cleaning

There are so many things in your day-to-day life that require maintenance and cleaning, and while you’re tending to the bigger things—like laundry and a sink full of dishes—some of the smaller things can easily get overlooked.

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The Benefits of Coconut Oil

Certain things in life can come in trends, like fashion, music, and even health products. Sometimes these trends can get confusing since popularity levels can skyrocket and plummet.

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How to care for naturally curly hair

For years, I battled with my naturally curly hair. Every hairdresser I visited either wanted to straighten it into submission or turn me into a poodle-permed glam-rocker from the eighties.