Eliminate Freckles In Seven Days

Are there brownish spots on your face that you would love to get rid of in a few days? Well, freckles can prove challenging to clear without the right treatments and procedures.

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Are there brownish spots on your face that you would love to get rid of in a few days? Well, freckles can prove challenging to clear without the right treatments and procedures. However, in this post, I would be sharing a few routines that could get them off in time.

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What Causes Freckles To Appear On The Face?

Freckles are those light brownish skin pigmentations that appear as spots on your face, arms, and shoulders. They are majorly caused when your bare skin is exposed to sunlight for way too long. Like you would experience with acnes, the patchy skin and exposed pores do not just go off with ease.

Getting rid of them would take precision and strict adherence to the right skincare routine. Typically, they are not harmful to your health as they are simply secretions of melanin. But, if you want to return to that spotless skin you once had, then you need this.

Note that freckles could be caused by hormonal imbalance apart from sunlight, and you cannot control where they appear.

Routines That Could Eliminate The Freckles In Seven Days

Now you know all about freckles, let’s see how they can be cleared out. In this section, I would give you five home-friendly routines that you could adopt.

#1: Lemon Juice

Overtime, lemon juice has proven to be a formidable combatant of several skin blemishes and pigmentations. When it comes to freckles, it also brings such similar effectiveness. It is a natural lightening agent that could fade out the pigmentations triggered by the freckles.

Lemon juice is something that you can quickly get in your home and apply every day. However, when used on freckles, you should follow the following steps:

  • Wash out your skin thoroughly: For any skincare routine to work, you would need a clean skin. This allows the product to go in, without dirt getting in the way.
  • Squeeze out in a bowl: Here, I would recommend cutting your lemon open and squeezing the juice into a clean bowl.
  • Apply on your skin: Now, you can take out two to three teaspoons and apply them to your skin. Do this by gently massaging until the whole place is covered in the juice.
  • Allow to set: The final stage is letting it work its magic. Leave the juice for the next 8 to 10 minutes.

This procedure is suitable if you intend to extract each day. However, if there is any leftover lemon juice, you could refrigerate and use it at night. But, dispose of anyone that stays past one day.

Also, there are already extracted lemon juice available in the market. With that, you could skip to the last two steps and store as is recommended on the bottle. Repeat this procedure at least twice a day for optimum results.

#2: Aloe Vera

Skincare experts know the aloe vera as a solution to most types of skin pigmentation. It is rich in an organic component known as “Aloesin.” When this component touches the freckles, it gradually fades them out till they no longer exist.

You can apply this skincare solution by getting a freshly cut aloe vera or purchasing the market’s organic gel. For the best results in a week, you should use this daily to the freckles.

To apply the aloe vera, you should follow the steps below:

  • Wash your skin thoroughly: This is an unavoidable step on your journey to a freckle free skin. Take out any dirt that may be lurking around the region as it would help the aloesin penetrate.
  • Wash the Aloe Vera: This is only applicable when the aloe vera is freshly cut from your pot or garden.
  • Apply on the surface: If it is your face, then apply the gel all over your face and set for 15 minutes.
  • Rinse out: You can do this with either room temperature or lukewarm water. But, not too cold.

Still not satisfied with this procedure? Well, check out the next.

#3: Buttermilk

The next solution is buttermilk, and this one promises you more than the others. The buttermilk takes out the brownish signs of freckles and still leaves your skin looking more hydrated and supple than ever.

However, this is an exceptionally effective method, and you would only need to apply this three times. In these few days, you would notice a massive change in your skin. Many freckles would be out already, and your skin would almost be at its best again.

To use the buttermilk, follow the routine below:

  • Wash out the region as you have done in other solutions.
  • Produce a thick paste out of the milk with oatmeal.
  • Apply on the pigmented region and leave out for the next 15 minutes.
  • Take out the paste using a lukewarm warm.

#4: Almond Oil

Almond oil serves as a form of great nourishment for the skin and helps in controlling pigmentations. It contains a healthy dose of vitamin E and Vitamin A, known to nourish the human skin. You can apply this on the freckled spin and leave for up to an hour.

In some instances, if you are up to it, then you could leave on the skin all through the night. An overnight treatment is highly recommended as your pores are calmer while you sleep.

However, to apply the almond oil, follow the steps below:

  • Cleanse the region: This is to get the pores clean and more receptive to the oil.
  • Heat the oil: Take a few drops of the almond oil and safely heat it.
  • Apply on the surface: Using your fingers, gently massage the oil into your skin.

Once you are ready to clean out the almond oil from your skin, rinse using lukewarm water.

#5: Bananas And Mint

Bananas are naturally known for their hydrating powers, while mint has antioxidants. The mix of these two would clear out the freckles and leave your skin looking refreshed. Applying them would be just as you were to use a face mask.

To get this duo ready, follow the instructions below:

  • Clean them all: This stage, you should wash out the banana and the mint. Then you should wash out the region as well.
  • Make the mask: You can do this by mixing the mint and mashed banana. This may require a mixer, but ensure you get the right mix.
  • Use the mix: Now, apply the mixture to your face and leave to set for the next 8 to 12 minutes.

You could use this mix at least three times a week for faster results.


Freckles do not have to stay if you don’t want them. There are ways you could get them out, and I have listed them in this post for you. Ensure you stuck to one that is best convenient and watch out for solutions that could trigger an allergic reaction.

Written exclusively for our company by Sherise