Skin Care

Skin care is part of our health and we should treat it as a health matter!

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Leafy Green Vegetables for your Health and Skin

It might have been typical for our ancestors to walk along and eat up to six pounds of leaves in a day, but that’s certainly not common for us. Modern American people don’t even get a handful of leafy greens each day.

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​Sun vs. Vitamins D and E

Before the turn of the century, people didn’t worry much about the diseases that plague modern man. Peacefully ignorant of heart disease, cancer and diabetes, they went about their day unconcerned about things like exercise, diet and vitamin supplements.

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Top Foods for Preventing Wrinkles

How do you prevent wrinkles? One option is to avoid sun exposure. Another is to stop smoking. And another is to apply a variety of moisturizers and skin care products.

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Top Summer Beauty Staples You Should Be Buying

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, most people around the world probably agree that healthy, clear skin, soft hair, and an overall youthful experience makes one more beautiful!

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The Disadvantages of Hand Sanitizer

As a society, we’ve developed a strong pursuit toward hygiene that puts our ancestors to shame. From the increased number of showers and hair cleansings to the amount of times we break out bottles of cleaner.

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What to Do About Those Dark Circles

​Insecurities are a very real detail of life, and they can come in a number of forms. But when your number-one insecurity happens to be right on your face, it can escalate into something that can severely damage your confidence throughout your day.