Body Art

Body art is tattoos and piercings but also so much more!

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The Benefits of a 1-Minute All Out Exercise

The fitness industry seems to be absolutely obsessed with getting more benefits from less training at the moment. The big push is for super-fast workouts such as HIIT routines and even ‘tabata’ which promises that it can get you into great shape.

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Clip Thinking

These days, we are more entrenched in media than we ever have been. Most of us will spend our evenings playing games, watching TV or watching films. On a special occasion, we might head to the cinema.

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Yoga and Other Exercises to Relieve Stress

Practicing yoga can be an excellent way to lessen stress, keep in shape and quiet the mind. However, when it comes to stress relief, some yoga poses are better than others. There are some yoga positions that are more effective at getting us relaxed.

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8 Tips to Get You On Track to the Best Body

Many of us struggle to have an amazing body. We spend countless hours in the gym, try new diets and crazy fads, and sometimes, even resort to medical methods that promise to “burn the fat".

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Body Mass Index - Overweight or Over-Fat?

If you’ve recently visited your doctor, chances are he discussed a new term you’ve never heard of: body mass index, or BMI. But, what is BMI? And, how does it affect your health?

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How Diet Can Turn Your Dark Days into Sunshine

Everyone’s entitled to a bad day. The pressures of work, family and even leisure activities can quickly change a sunny day into rain. But, if your dark days linger for weeks or months, you may be in the midst of depression.