No one wants to age. Some ideas to slow the process!

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Keep Your Chin Single

You look in the mirror and see a second chin starting to form? Are you considering surgery to get rid of those folds of skin? Well hold on before you commit to doing surgery to get rid of it because there are some exercises that you can do.

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​How to Make the Most of Your Beauty Sleep

There’s a good reason that people call it beauty sleep. Our sleep is crucial for our health and has a big impact on our mood, our brain function, our immunity and more. But it also has a large and direct impact on our appearance.

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Top Foods for Preventing Wrinkles

How do you prevent wrinkles? One option is to avoid sun exposure. Another is to stop smoking. And another is to apply a variety of moisturizers and skin care products. But skin care goes a lot deeper than just avoiding certain things.

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​Odd Twists for Yoga

The ways to exercise and chase fitness are vast, and there are plenty that probably wouldn’t work for you in the long-run. That detail doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t commit to one routine or that you’re lazy.